About CounsellingMatch

At CounsellingMatch, our goal is to connect people with counsellors who can work better with them, sooner, by taking into account counsellor-client compatibility. Research suggests that the better this fit, the more likely there will be a successful counselling outcome.

However, finding a counsellor that fits for you can be a challenging process. Most internet searches will show you long lists of counsellors, but not who might work well with you.

Finding a Better Way

To address this problem, we offer a search that includes a personality matching system, developed by psychology researchers, called the Multimodal Structural Profile Inventory (SPI).

Our Solution

The SPI, developed by psychology researchers Clifford N. Lazarus, Ph. D. and Professor Arnold A. Lazarus, Ph. D., and licensed for use on CounsellingMatch, is a research-based personality measure that matches people with counsellors based on their ranking in seven areas of functioning.

Their research suggested that when counsellors match their clients on the SPI, a more productive therapeutic relationship is formed, sooner. Also, the type of treatment used by the counsellor may be better suited to the client’s personality.

Using CounsellingMatch, after completing your personality profile, you can quickly short-list counsellors matched to you by specifying treatment issues, location, counsellor gender, and cost. You can also further narrow your selection by diversity issues, availability, and accessibility.

Once you have developed your short-list, you can then contact counsellors to figure out who is the best overall fit for you.

If You Are a Counsellor

We make it easy, quick, and efficient for counsellors to register and list with us. There are no long waiting periods – once approved, most professionals can build and publish a listing in less than 15 minutes.

We have developed reasonable guidelines and policies that acknowledge counselling as an ethically-driven endeavour. We understand that, as a counsellor, you want to deliver the best services you can to your clients. Let us help by matching you with more compatible ones.

Our Team

We are a team of counselling, medical, and technology professionals living in Vancouver, British Columbia’s Lower Mainland who want to see our friends, neighbours, and family members find the best counselling help possible.

Our Values

When we first envisioned our service, we developed a set of core values and principles to guide our direction and conduct:

  • Our services need to improve our community and positively affect people’s lives.
  • Our ethics must align with those of professional counselling associations.
  • We want to continue innovating, to better serve our community and customers.
  • We will be responsive to feedback, engaging in discussions with counsellors, the people who seek their services, and researchers focused on improving therapeutic outcomes.